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Terms & Conditions


Payment Terms

  • By placing an order with Advanced Water Softeners Ltd, an invoice is supplied with inclusion of payment options
  • A deposit of an agreeable amount may be required prior installation
  • All balances must be paid upon completion of installation



  • All pricing is excluding delivery if supply only
  • VAT is payable on all invoices at the current UK rate
  • Price are valid for 30 days from quotation
  • Prices quoted are based on the quantities specified in the written quotation



  • Delivery/Installation times are estimated and may need to be changed with little or no notice
  • The customer will allow all reasonable access to the property, so installation can be carried out
  • Unless specified, the quote does not include the rectification of sub-standard plumbing work that we find during our survey/installation
  • Any damages upon delivery must be notified within 24 hours


Warranty and Returns

  • Completion of the product warranty information is the sole responsibility of the consumer
  • Goods are warrantied against faulty workmanship and components for a period allocated per specific item from the date of supply.
  • While Advanced Water Softeners Ltd provides professional advice regarding the usage of goods supplied, the suitability of the goods supplied for the use by the customer is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Advanced Water Softeners Ltd shall in no way be responsible for the suitability of the goods sold on for any use.
  • The warranty obligation is for domestic water treatment products only.

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